This project starts from the idea that EDC competences, which are essentially transversal, can also be developed in classes of various subjects and tries to answer the following questions: How can teachers of various subjects develop transversal competences leading to EDC? What methods and materials can they use for EDC ?

General objective

  • designing educational resources for the development and assessment of EDC-related transversal competences;
  • strengthening the synergy between research and education.

Specific objectives

  • improving understanding on EDC-related transversal competences and reinforcing their importance in teachers’ training education;
  • enhancing teachers’ ability to design means to develop such competences;
  • reinforcing democratic citizenship amongst all the participants in the teaching/learning process.

    The project will address needs identified in previous European projects:
  • at pre-university level: the teachers’ need for further training on transversal competences;
  • at university level: a. the need to clarify and frame transversal competences and to develop working methods through which teachers of various disciplines, as teacher trainers, could implement EDC competences in their teaching activity; b. the students’ need to develop EDC competences, such as critical thinking, complex approach or active participation.

Target groups

  • pre-university teachers;
  • higher education teachers, i.e. teacher trainers;
  • students studying to become teachers.