General objective

  • Develop joint research and educational activities, in order to ensure education for sustainable and solidary development (ESSD).

Specific objectives

  • Explore the current situation with regard to ESSD within the two national academic contexts (RO, IS);
  • Study and refine the main objectives of research focused on ESSD;
  • Study the possibility of combining humanistic and social approaches in an interdisciplinary research on ESSD;
  • Identify new methodologies aiming at raising awareness and mobilizing students in favour of ESSD;
  • Assess and analyse the presence of ESSD or possibilities to introduce ESSD in the curriculum of the two universities;
  • Develop a competency-based approach on ESSD, starting from a joint list of transversal skills that foster the performance of ESSD;
  • Evaluate the ESSD-related skills of students;
  • Explore the potential real-life impact of ESSD;
  • Explore how ESSD helps shape citizens in the spirit of living together.