Questionnaire for the development of the Transversal Skills Assessment Tool (TSAT)

The target groups of students were shown a video on sustainable development and then had to answer a questionnaire aimed at outlining their critical thinking.

The volume Sustainable and Solidary Education: Reflections and Practice

The volume Sustainable and Solidary Education: Reflections and Practices, currently in print at the Peter Lang Publishing House, includes the research outputs of the bilateral cooperation project Learning to Live Together: Modern Perspectives on Education for Sustainable and Solidary Development, developed by the University of Craiova (Romania) and Bifröst University (Iceland) and funded by the EEA Grants, as well as relevant insights of European scholars on this issue. The contributions in the volume focus on topics such as: transferable/transversal skills and lifelong learning; education for sustainable development; education for international solidarity; new methods and approaches towards a global education; intercultural communication and mediation; social, cultural and cognitive approaches to education for embracing complexity; critical thinking; creativity and innovation; citizenship education; global awareness. The volume is designed to serve the needs of academics, teachers, trainers and other stakeholders focusing on sustainability and solidarity, as inherent components of modern education.

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