Activity A1: Project Management

This activity ensures the proper and timely development of the project and involves permanent communication between partners and team members, drawing up progress ... read more

Activity A2: State of the Art Assessment

During this activity, the members of the team reviewed the existing expertise and knowledge on education for sustainable and solidary development (ESSD). This implied ... read more

Activity photos:
Work visit to Bifröst University
International online workshop

Activity A3: Development of the Transversal Skills Assessment Tool (TSAT)

The team has envisaged coming up with a list of transversal skills that lead to ESSD, which will provide the basis for creating a relevant assessment tool. The tool will be ... read more

Activity photos:

Activity A4: Joint international conference

The project conference is organized on October 25th-26th at the University of Craiova and hosts a wide variety of contributions on the project topic.

Activity photos:

Activity A5: Publication of the joint volume

A joint volume in English language will be published in an international publishing house, including the contributions presented in the conference. All related tasks (translation,editing, proofreading, etc.) are supported by the project.

Activity photos:

Activity A6: Dissemination

The project, its research topics and its outcomes will be actively disseminated through a range of channels (the project website, dissemination materials... read more

Activity photos:
Universitatea "Lucian Blaga" din Sibiu, 25-26 ianuarie 2017:
Universitatea "Ovidius" din Constanța, 25-26 ianuarie 2017:
Universitatea "Transilvania" din Brașov, 25-26 ianuarie 2017:
Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca, 25-26 ianuarie 2017:
Universitatea "Aurel Vlaicu" din Arad, 25-26 ianuarie 2017:
Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara, 26-27 ianuarie 2017:
Universitatea București, 26-27 ianuarie 2017: