The project New Tools For The Integration Of Transversal Skills In Modern Teaching Practice (TRANSMOD) is promoted by the University of Craiova (Romania) with the partnership of Bifrost University (Iceland) and Nesna University College (Norway) and was underpinned by the need to develop an effective tool for the proper integration of transversal skills in teaching activities. The project aims at providing a suitable context for the fruitful professional training and development of teaching staff.

The project is supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, has a total budget of 44,757 EUR and is developed between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

The ultimate focus of the project will be to draw up a good practice guide, as an auxiliary tool to the educational curricula in social sciences and humanities, ensuring the integration of personal and transversal skills in teaching, tutoring, coaching and training actions and subsequently developing, fostering and enhancing personal and transversal competences of beneficiary students for a better employability.

The project activities target both direct beneficiaries (the teaching staff who are project members) and indirect beneficiaries (students, who will develop their transversal skills with a view to participating in lifelong learning programmes and bringing a valuable contribution to the community; other teaching staff of the involved HEIs).

The added value of cooperation in the EEA framework will be much appreciated, and the University of Craiova will benefit from the top-flight input and good practice examples provided by Bifrost University and Nesna University College will provide valuable input and good practice examples. The transfer of innovative approaches already existing in the partner HEIs, along with the promotion of key transversal skills in education will be achieved.

The concrete learning outcomes of the project refer to the acquisition of new tools and strategies by the involved teaching staff, so that they may become able to provide proper transversal skills training to students, as well as to the development of the good practice guide, as an auxiliary tool to the educational curricula in social sciences and humanities. The project will generate a number of expected outputs, such as: curricular content review, a model of quantitative analysis by means of questionnaires on the teaching practice in the field of transversal skills, mobility reports, the good practice guide.