The hereby cooperation project aims at providing a suitable context for the fruitful professional training and development of Romanian teaching staff in terms of modern teaching methods, by harnessing a wide array of innovative inputs from Icelandic and Norwegian universities. The ultimate focus of the project will be to draw up a good practice guide ensuring the integration of personal and transversal skills in teaching, tutoring, coaching and training actions.

The project underpins the following main objectives:

  • Developing, fostering and enhancing personal and transversal competences for a better employability;
  • Increasing the attractiveness and awareness of HEIs regarding the needs of the job market, citizens and society as a whole;
  • Drawing up a good practice guide, as an auxiliary tool to the educational curricula in social sciences and humanities, for the effective integration of transversal skills in the teaching practice of project partners;
  • Developing and implementing new working strategies and tools for the promotion of transversal skills in formal education.