Documentation & Mobilities

Activity A1: Documentation

The Romanian team will gather information on the good practices already in place at the partner universities. Thereafter, all project members will study scientific literature... read more

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Activity A2: Virtual & actual mobilities

Permanent contact will be maintained between partner universities, by means of modern information technology, ensuring both interpersonal communication and fruitful cooperation, and... read more

Activity photos:
Nesna University College
Bifröst University

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Detection & Assessment of Actual Needs

Activity A3: Questionnaire-Based Preliminary Research

The current situation in terms of transversal skills enhancement in the educational process at the level of partner HEIs will be assessed by... read more

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Activity A4: Joint Online Workshop

A joint online workshop will be organized, where project members will present the results of the interpretation of the questionnaires administered... read more

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Drawing Up The Good Practice Guide

Activity A5: Drawing Up the Good Practice Guide

Based on the work plan established in A4, project members shall design, conceive and draw up the contents of the good practice guide, in a coherent... read more

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Results Validation And Final Design Of The Guide

Activity A6: Joint Seminar

A joint seminar will be organised at the University of Craiova, with participation from the 3 member institutions (UCv, Bifrost, Nesna). The major purpose... read more

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Activity A7: Final Formatting and Publishing the Guide

The good practice guide shall be subject to a final process of formatting, proofreading and editing, in order to guarantee the quality of this... read more

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Activity A8: Project Management

This activity will be performed across the entire duration of the hereby project. The primary goal of project management is to ensure the achievement... read more

Activity A9: Dissemination

The dissemination of the entire project, as a continuous activity, will be focused on regular press coverage (announcements), the permanent webpage... read more

Activity photos:
Universitatea "Lucian Blaga" din Sibiu, 11-12 iunie 2015
Universitatea din Pitești, 11-12 iunie 2015
Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara, 25-26 iunie 2015
Universitatea din Craiova, FEAA, Departamentul de Economie, Contabilitate și Afaceri Internaționale
CUDTS - Universitatea din Craiova, 29-30 iunie 2015
Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca, 29-30 iunie 2015

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